2010-2012 Seminars

2011-13 Kingian Nonviolence Seminars

You can view a free four-part Faculty  introduction by David C. Jehnsen and Bernard LaFayette, Jr. (Part I- 13:22 minutes) and Charles Alphin, Sr. and David C. Jehnsen (Part II- 13:12 minutes) on why nonviolence training is important .

Also view a Preview of the Two-day Core Online course with David C. Jehnsen and Bernard LaFayette, Jr (Part III 12;36 minutes) and Charles Alphin, Sr. and David C. Jehnsen (Part IV- 8:00 minutes) and the following YouTube links below.

Kingian Nonviolence: Intro/Preview Part I Why Nonviolence is Important

Kingian Nonviolence: Intro/Preview Part II Why Nonviolence is Important

Kingian Nonviolence: Intro/Preview Part III IHRR Online Course

Kingian Nonviolence: Intro/Preview Part IV IHRR Online Course

Two-Day Core Kingian Nonviolence Internet Course http://services.choruscall.com/links/ihrr (click to view for $175 after ordering/receiving the Community Leaders Workbook)The two-day Kingian Nonviolence is Online as the Two-Day Core Internet Course and the four-day in-person Residential Kingian Nonviolence Seminar is available in Columbus, Ohio. Both provide a general intoduction to philosophies of Kingian nonviolence and nonviolence conflict reconciliation. The Online course could help you determine whether this has sufficient interest for you to seek more in-depth residential training or eventually instructor certification.

The twenty chapters (8.5 hours video time) of the course include some process chapters of how we conduct the training and feedback to small-group reports as well as chapters that are directd presentations on modules of the Community Leaders Workbook. Chapters 1-4, 14, 19-20 could be considered process chapters. Chapters 6-7 & 13 are chapters with important content responses to participant small group questions or dialogue. Chapters 5, 8-12, 15-17 are direct presentations. Therefore it is an opportunity to experience the process as well as examine the content of the two-day core course.

When you click the “Buy it Now” button you are taken to Pay Pal where you have the option to pay with a PayPal account or a credit card. Once the transaction is complete you will receive three emails: 1. a receipt of payment; 2. a password; and, 3. a registration/confirmation link to the IHRR Table of Contents of the Course Chapters. The user will have seven days to complete the course and revisit any of the chapters at your choice by clicking on the chapter title, entering your email address and password. Two free links, “Pilgrimage to Nonviolence” (between Chapter 11 & 12) and “Letter from Birmingham Jail” (between Chapter 15-16) by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. are important pre-reading prior to the presentations on the Six Principles and Six Steps. Following completion of the on-line course you can be in contact with the IHRR ([email protected]) for additional Kingian Nonviolence training opportunities.

Four-Day Kingian Nonviolence Residential Seminar

The Four-Day residential provides skills for application and implementation of the nonviolence prevention and intervention program. These opportunities lay the foundation for understanding issues and problems of conflict and violence facing individuals, groups, communities and nations. The seminars and related activities explore concepts, theories, strategies and techniques of this nonviolent methodology.  Seminars are designed to be training sessions and education courses that will teach skills and provide a philosophical, theological and cognitive experience. Leadership will be provided by David Jehnsen and other IHRR faculty.

Kingian Nonviolence Leadership Seminars in Central Ohio: Contact [email protected] for schedule and registration.

Programs will be offered in other US regions, internationally or locally as sponsors are willing to host them. Central Ohio seminars will take place at the Retreat Center at Living Peace Church of the Brethren, 2309 Summit View Road, in northwest Columbus, Ohio (www.LivingPeaceCOB.org).

The registration fee for the Two-Day Core Internet Course is $175.00 plus advance purchase of the Community Leaders Workbook. The registration fee for the four-day in person residential seminar is $300, which includes a $50 materials packet and copy of The Leaders Manual. Dormitory lodging for up to twenty-four persons is available on a donation basis with two suites for couples. Multiple hotel accomodations are available nearby.